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    Brainvire Technologies Is A Prominent E-commerce Account Management Company In India That Has Gained Recognition For Providing The Best Seller Support and Web Development. We Use State-Of-The-Art Technologies To Deliver Long-Lasting And Effective Solutions.


    Amazon seller account management services refer to the processes and activities involved in managing an Amazon seller account.

    This includes tasks such as setting up and maintaining the account, managing inventory, creating product listings, optimizing product pages, handling customer service, and managing orders and shipping.

    A seller account on Amazon allows individuals and businesses to sell their products on the Amazon platform, reaching a vast and diverse customer base.

    Managing an Amazon seller account effectively requires attention to detail, strategic planning, and a deep understanding of the Amazon Marketplace.

    Sellers can choose to manage their accounts themselves or hire a professional Amazon seller account management service provider to handle the day-to-day operations and help them maximize their sales and profits.

    These services may include account setup and optimization, product research and Amazon product listing/cataloging, inventory management & Refunds Reconciliation, marketing and advertising, customer service, and more.


    Flipkart is an e-commerce platform in India that allows individuals and businesses to sell their products to consumers online. Flipkart seller account management services are the various tools and services provided by Flipkart to help sellers manage their online stores and sell their products more efficiently.

    Brainvire Technologies is India’s leading Flipkart account management service provider. Our bouquet of Flipkart account management includes the entire spectrum of related services, including Flipkart seller account creation, Flipkart seller account login, and working as your Flipkart seller account manager.

    Our Flipkart-trained team of professionals handles all the services, starting with advice on your entry as a seller to the creation of your Flipkart seller account, helping you choose products, launch them on your storefront, manage account and payment and even advise on pricing as well as logistics.

    As part of the Flipkart account management service, we even take care of customer interactions, promotions, and marketing. Importantly, we ensure your operations are in compliance with Flipkart’s rules, your customers are satisfied, and your product appears right at the top of search listings on Flipkart.


    Meesho is an Indian social e-commerce platform that allows individuals to become resellers of various products through its platform. Meesho seller account management services refer to the process of managing and maintaining a Meesho seller account, including product listing, order management, customer support, and payments.

    Meesho, like any other online e-commerce marketplace, follows a pattern for sellers to follow. One of these is to set up and create an account and then upload your product catalog. This could be simple if you are familiar but for the uninitiated, it could be a bit demanding. Brainvire Technologies steps in and assists you with Meesho catalog service.

    We do everything for you, starting with advising you on the pros and cons of Meesho, assessing your product portfolio and possibilities of sales and then helping you by setting up your account and taking care of registration followed by catalog creation and upload of Meesho product listing to your storefront on Meesho.

    We go beyond these services to even manage your account so that you can carry on with your business. We partner your prosperity. Till date, we have assisted over 7500 retailers to go online and generate crores in revenues. We have helped startups and entrepreneurs to start their business journeys online.


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